24 October 2015

fragrant moonlight

Making up for my cancelled hiking trip with the best tea that I have, it is tasting better now that it's aged a little bit.

Thinking of switching to gaiwan for all my yancha brewing. The faster pour helps a lot, and I don't need to fill the cup so I can conserve my precious leaves (this tea is obscenely expensive...$1.60/g, its what happens when you don't ask for the price before buying). On the other hand, the allure of yixing pots is hard to resist. Ideally I would like a 60-80ml flat pot with a very wide opening, no I really shouldn't be thinking of another pot.

Went back to flash brews for this one, because I want every nuance out of this expensive beast. Worked well today, mostly because of easier brewing in a gaiwan. The first couple of brews were interesting, it was first sweet, then savory, before settling into the characteristic mineral taste.

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