25 October 2015

Fire Emblem: Awakening - end

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I've finally finished FE:A! Actually I could've said this more than a month ago, but I was putting off finishing the final chapter because I have a tendency to stop playing the game right before the end (which is what happened with FFX)

Playing the game on easy (aka no perma death) did detract from the experience, as normal campaigns are just too easy once I got my children units. The focus of my gameplay became unlocking support diaglogs rather than optimizing my army to defeat the enemy. I'm okay with that, because the dialog really are great and I would not be able to stand to permanently lose my units (see the Gaius episode). The paralouges were also sufficiently challenging, especially the mirror one and protecting unit ones, to offset the campaign chapters. I'm looking forward to FE:fates's Nohr route with it's mix of objectives.

I racked up about 73 hours on this game spread over 4 month, which is a good return on investment. Actually every game I buy has a good ROI (once I get around playing it) since I'm a decently obsessive completionist. That said, I'm no where close to 100% support dialog since it just takes too many hours to reach A. It's good enough that I got all my children married. Overall I'm really happy with my character pairings in terms of dialog suitability and children stats.

Speaking of character pairings, I think the game would be stronger from a plot perspective if the gender of My Unit is not up to the player's choice. I played with female MU and many of the cutscene dialogs, and especially the ending ones, don't fit MU x Chrom, they're written with MU not being paired with Chrom in mind. I'm also angry that Sumia is the canon mother for Lucina when Cordelica's backstory is that she has a (not-so) secret crush on Chrom, that's just not cool bro. My final complaint is that the children units are flat, all of their support dialog is about their one defining trait (eg. Severa just goes insulting everyone).

Now if only Bravely Default would have a price drop...or maybe a bundle when Bravely Second comes out in NA?

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