16 October 2015

autumn/winter 2015

So the Atlanta weather didn't turn out to require drastic wardrobe changes, mainly because the office is air-conditioned to the max.

What I did end up buying:
  • This first shirt dress in the S/S 15 post. It's been very useful, my default going to a client meeting outfit because I don't have to worry about shirts staying tucked in.
  • Ugh regrets of not buying the Club Monaco trench, because all the soft trenches this season have no buttons! Wrap coats look fantastic in still images, but are not very practical (as I've found with my caramel one, but it is damn beautiful).
  • B/W patterned pencil skirt from BR. Got good mileage out of this since it matches every top, but busted a seam already smh. Will repair. 
  • White blazer from BR. Am not getting good mileage out of this, a white blazer is harder to pair than I excepted, but also because my office isn't formal enough to wear blazers regularly.
As for this autumn / winter, the list fluctuated a lot. It was rather ambitious at the beginning, then I realized how much money I needed to save, and then how hard it was to find a piece that fits all my criteria. So now it's these three:
  • Duffle Coat: I agonized over coat choices for the longest time, still unable to find my beloved green coat. In the end I settled on a duffle because there's not many more years left before it's becomes age inappropriate. I ended up getting one from ASOS, 73% wool for a good price but I almost dislike the toggles enough to change them out. 
  • Everlane striped tee and card case: surprisingly I can wear a striped tee fine to work, falling in love with them yet again. The card case is because since losing my old one, my purse has become increasingly disorganized and now it takes several tries to pull out the right card. Also watching their launches of silk tee and heavy weight wool, might get some items from there too.
  • Black, over the knee boots: taller boots = block more wind, also doubtful that my old leather boots can survive another winter. Which particular boot will depend on sale prices in January. 
Some inspo images to complete the cooler weather, all pulled from my pintrest:
really digging variations of blue + red / orange

every year I'm tempted by turtlenecks

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