13 September 2015


Today is undoubtly a fall day. I was skeptical when I saw Starbucks rolling out it's fall promotions earlier this week, but this morning is definitely a crisp, fall morning. In fact it feels like I'm back in Ontario.

While sipping some slower brewed wuyi with a cool breeze coming in from my open windows, I feel as if I can totally live happily in a little cabin perched on some rugged mountain deep in the woods. Or more practically a cottage in southwestern England. There would be a functional fire place where I can boil water in a cast iron kettle set on some charcoal (possibly a ventilation nightmare), and an abundance of heavy wool blankets to bury myself in.

So ready for the cooler weather.
  • Making my last batch of cold noodles for the year
  • My dutch oven is arriving in the mail today, so time to start braising *u*
  • Switching from peaches to pears and apples
  • Changing lipstick selection to darker colours
  • Can start wearing blazers and sweaters so I won't freeze in the office
  • Wish I have a set of bizen-yaki dishware to switch to :(

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