30 September 2015

peck of pickled peppers

Presenting the 2nd variety of fridge pickles: pepper
(previous version was the carrots)

Some years ago I stopped liking to eat bell peppers. Now I'm slowly warming up to them again, though only in roasted or pickled form. This batch is incredibly crunchy and ...cheerful. A wonderful pairing with the huge pot of curry that's the star of this week's menu.


I also finally admit that I enjoy my wuyi teas more when brewed nice and slow versus flash steeps, which is the tea equivalent of saying you like individually wrapped plastic cheese instead of the ...I don't know enough about fancy cheese to make a good comparison opps. Though it's less severe than saying you like a steak well done.

Conventional wisdom for brewing wuyi is cram the pot full of leaves and brew it hot and fast. Today I grandpa'd a cup with very low leaf ratio and it taste great. Zen Tea brews them western style, and it taste great too.

The silver lining is that it's much much cheaper to drink wuyi this way.

PS. finally made my way to the Bei Dou from last Christmas' Tao Tea Leaf haul. This is my favourite out of the three.

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