12 September 2015


It's hard to believe that not a single shop in the entire Lenox mall sells Burberry make up. Well I should be happy about the $30 that I saved (or rather $18, because someone on /r/asianbeauty found a very similar shade of lipstick)

Instead I got some freebies from Sephora. It's hard to believe that I've spent $500+ there over the years...

Bite is worth all the hype (Toronto represent!)... I am so impressed by the luminous cream lipstick. I applied it without any lip balm underneath and it is not drying at all, nor does it sink into any lip lines, nor accentuates any dry patches! Normally a lot of prep is involved in getting my lips to look this smooth. Best of all it's super comfortable to wear and doesn't feel like there's anything on my lips. Been looking into the mirror periodically throughout the evening and it's hard to believe how good it looks.

Later edit: wore this again today because I am totally in love with the formula. Can confirm it is still comfortable, non-drying and a general dream to wear. It also lasted through 2 separate tea sessions and pasta for lunch, although I was eating carefully.

PS. I found that they have a "lab" location in NYC where they'll make custom lipsticks to your specification. Definitely heading there!

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