22 August 2015


A brief interlude of the Vonnegut weekend for some tea, because I somehow brewed every steep of this so consistently sweet that it makes me excited about good tasting food again.

Background: a couple days before I went to NYC last year, good tasting food just stopping being exciting. While I can still judge that something taste good, it didn't evoke a...more primal emotional response? I'm really at a loss of how to describe the sensation. A reaction that should've been "OMG this is so delicious" has subdued to "mm taste good".

Anyways, so I was brewing some heavily roasted dongding as before. Except instead of the usual floral wet leaf smell, fruity taste progressing into something vegetal, it went something like the essence of a pear to thick, raw sugar to sugarcane.
Gotta be divine intervention.

So I felt compelled to document the process, excuse the not too great photos.

Sidenote: I firmly believe that multiple gaiwan is the best starting tea gear. They can easily function as a pitcher & cups.


Oh I also felt a similar excitement when eating kimchi fried rice last night (the key is to season the meat before cooking, and generous amounts of kimchi), but I just thought it was the continuation of the really good day I was having.
Wait, I lied, I also swooned over this radish soup.

Regardless, the point is that tasty food makes me happy again, hurray!

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