01 August 2015

Samurai Champloo

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I was short on HD space so I finally finished watching Samurai Champloo in efforts to free up 13gb.

In short it is a believable successor to Bebop, but doesn't match it's greatness.
Favourite things:
  • Soundtrack: #1 goes to the ending track (Shiki no Uta) because it really sets the melancholy mood that matches quite a few episodes perfectly. Ep 11 also has beautiful tracks.
  • Fuu episode: probably the one with shinosuke (ep 7, A Risky Raquet) but my favourite moment is when she plays as the dice roller at the end of ep 4 Hellhounds for Hire (pt 2).
  • Mugen episode: ep 10 Lethal Lunacy, but also his moments with Sara in ep 20-21 Elegy for Entrapment
  • Jin episode: hands down ep 11 Gamblers and Gallantry because Jin in love is even more swoon worthy. I like to think that he went back to find Shino to console myself for the trio parting ways in the end. Although I was totally prepared for both Jin and Mugen to die. 
  • Quotation: In order for you to accept yourself as you are and live with your soul at peace, you must simply teach yourself to let it be, only then will you discover freedom (ep 12 The Disordered Diaries)

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