02 August 2015

my dreams becoming distant apparitions

It really is frustrating when the anime's OP and ED sequence are so beautiful but the resolution just isn't good enough to make into wallpapers.
It was also hard picking one line of lyric for the title since they're all so poetic.

Couple more thoughts on the show:
  • Fuu/Mugen/Jin is so much more well done than Lisa/Nine/Twelve. 
  • It is true that Bebop is "what if you can't escape your past" and Champloo is "what if you can"
  • Lukewarm is mot accurate word I can think of to describe the ending. While I do like the choice of final opponents for Mugen and Jin, since they close up the circle of their past, Fuu's confrontation (if it even qualifies as that) with the sunflower samurai is a little anti-climatic. Maybe that was the point. Objectively I don't think it was a bad ending, but I like my stories realistic throughout and dramatic in the end.

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