15 July 2015


Okay I'm ready to have a life outside of FE again. Mostly because it would take another 10 hours or so of grinding before I'm ready to recruit the next set of children.

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Quick thoughts 16 chapters in the main story line (& many other hours grinding on other maps):
  • Galeforce is the bane of my (FE) existence "orz But it also makes the children really OP, I can solo all the maps with either Lucina or Morgan, and easily so with both especially with their parents supporting. 
  • Gold is less of an issue than I thought, maybe because I'm not intensely reclassing everyone. 
  • Not really liking the support conversations of the kids, they are too much of their archetype. Severa is definitely more tsun than dere, and very much a jerk to Cynthia in their level C dialog. But Cynthia and Owain do get annoying really fast. I was expecting Lucina to be much cooler (as in nonchalant) from her promo images, but she's as righteous as she can be. The parent generation is much more human like in their support convos.

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