01 July 2015

spring/summer 15 midpoint check-in

Finally received my credit card in the mail, and proceeded to spend a lot of money.
On one hand the purchases have been planned & are accounted for in my budget. On the other hand, the ease of shopping online is a little unnerving. I totally understand how people can rack up so much credit card debt.

That aside, here's what I've purchased for workwear so far:

I've followed my plan fairly to the point. Remaining items:
  • Navy ankle pants: will put off until a/w because the ones I have my sight set on don't go on sale anyways. Skirts are more comfortable to wear in this hot and sticky weather.
  • Tops: debating between red brick or mulberry for another Everlane silk blouse, not in a hurry to get them though. Perhaps one more shell, but only if I love the design and it's heavily discounted.
Removing all the casual items because I ain't got no free time durr. This has been a particularly busy week, luckily my dad is here to visit and cooks me delicious food. Otherwise I'd just be done eating dinner right now. 

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