05 July 2015

make believe

Finally finished reading 1Q84, man that took a while.

Two more quotations:
She had something she needed to talk to Aomame about, but if she actually put it into words, the facts contained in the "something" might irretrievably become more definite as facts, so she wanted to postpone that moment, if only briefly. Such was the apparent significance of her silence.

"It's a distance that can't be measured."
"Like the distance that separated one persons heart from another's."
The second one reminds me a lot of 5cm.

I enjoyed book 2 the most, specifically the chapters where Aomame converses with Leader. Tengo and Aomame's plot had a fitting ending, with as much closure as you'll ever get from Murakami. Fuka-Eri just disappeared, can't say I'm surprised but it'd be nice to hear some form of an ending with her.

I dislike Ushikawa's character. He's supposedly vile, but enough is revealed about him to make you feel some form of pity. He feels very murky whereas the other characters are clear. I'm not sure what to make of the Little People making an air chrysalis out of him. His sudden narration in book 3 also felt disruptive to the rhythm of Tengo / Aomame.
Conversely, I really like Tamaru's character. It was nice to see his ruthless side in the end. I'd very much like him as my protector.

A couple more days until my memory card arrives for my 3DS, let's see if I can finish After Dark.

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