02 July 2015


My 3DS is arriving soon, so I figured I should start playing Transistor before it inevitably gets delayed for another year.

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Supergiant's art direction is spot on yet again. The graphics is just gorgeous.

One boss in and I've learned that I enjoy turn based play style much more. Probably because I really suck at action. No wonder I barely managed to pull off mystic artes in Xillia. This also means that I made a few bad choices in skill selection at level ups. I had the idea that I'd go for more tactical skills, but nope shoulda just went blow everything up.
I also like how the lore is revealed through skill mastery, it's a good incentive to try different combinations of skills.


Kenn said...

On the 3DS, you also might want to check out Bravely Default and Fantasy Life. The former is the spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy games of yester years, while the latter is a quirky RPG-lite.

Weijie said...

Yep I'm definitely getting Bravely! Will check out Fantasy Life too.