07 June 2015


My list of gaming backlog is even more depressing than my reading backlog.
(Just finished Colourless Tsukuru, post about that tomorrow)

Item number 1 is definitely FFXV.

This is the most recent tech demo, so much respect for how much care they put into the minute details. It made me almost forgive the long development time.
Then I found out in the latest ATR that a major change from Versus to XV is that they took out Stella completely. So now I'm mourning for the death of Versus rather than anticipating the release announcement in August.

Okay other games are as follows.

Lots of indie releases for this summer. Most notably Dragon Fin Soup, which I'll probably pour lots of hours into! Then a more casual game of potato blacksmiths, which hopefully gets a mobile port. 

There's also Transistor that I still haven't played.
And also the second play through of Xillia, which I'm about to give up on because I still can't face going through Alvin's story again. That's probably at least 60 hours saved. In other Tales news, there's waiting for Zestiria's NA release and the newest Tales title have just been announced. 

I considered getting a 3DS while I'm in the states, but I way overestimated my free time, so this will be indefinitely delayed. Bravery Default and Fire Emblem Awakening are the two games that I was the most looking forward to. Maybe I'll pull the trigger if the new Fire Emblem comes bundled with a limited-edition 3DS.
(Here's hoping that FFXV comes with an LE PS4!)

Also on the JRPG front is Suikoden, but there's a long time before I retire my PS3.

Other, far away, games are City Bound for reliving my SimCity days, and recently discovered Dragon of Legends for reliving my RO days (norse mythology and dabbling in pixel art from all those signature making).

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