13 June 2015


For all the restraint that I have against buying clothing, I am so easily parted with my money when it comes to food and tea.

It's never good to browse online shops on a Friday, mental fortitude is at the lowest after a week of work. Especially if that Friday was a pay day. Financial responsibility is replaced by a nagging sense of ~you deserve a treat~

Having given all of this preamble, I only ordered a $5 tea sampler from Verdant Tea. But that was after putting more than $200 worth of tea in shopping carts across 3 other vendors. I guess one good thing about ordering online is that there's two stages of gratification, and one is free from just putting stuff into shopping carts.
Then I found this teapot and periodically glanced at its page throughout the evening ;_;

Then this morning I went to check out a farmer's market nearby and spent $12 on one bag of peaches and one basket of tomatoes.

But damn those are the most fragrant and tasty peaches I've ever had. Georgia is worth all the peach branding it does. The tomatoes, on the other hand, also taste fantastic but it really hurts after years of getting free ones from Sky Garden.

On the other hand, I ran through a quick budget and realized that I can cover my current living expenses, and save enough money to pay off tuition and rent for forth year. That's a little over $20k to save (thanks yet another tuition increase), which is around 40% of my pre-tax earnings.
 First I was pretty depressed because saving that amount would leave pretty little discretionary spending money. But then I realized that if I can live on half of what I make, that would allow me to take entire years off, travel and do whatever the hell I want. That was a rare moment of feeling grown up.

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