19 June 2015

brown sugar

This has been a decently eventful week despite zero posts about it. I originally intended on writing a thoughtful reflection on my first month in Atlanta, but had so much trouble organizing my thoughts and so gave up.

There was:
  • E3: I am so so excited for SE's Tokyo RPG Factory, but otherwise not that into the other big releases (namely remake of FFVII, but damn the graphics look good)
  • Open House at work: ice sculptures, chocolate fountain, and the best pound cake I've had (the texture was perfect: not overly dense and a crisp crust). There were also a ton of leftover food for lunch.
  • More tea! Got my Verdant Tea sampler, plus even more that my dad is bringing next week. Also bought a Zojirushi hot water bottle because the only hot water at work is dispensed from the same nozzle as coffee. 
Trying the Laoshan black tea:

 dry & wet leaves

The dried leaves look beautiful. 
I really did not like the first brew, and don't know enough about black tea to attribute the error to either my inexperience brewing or the tea. It was really sour and had a prominent roast taste. However the subsequent brews tasted good, very sweet with just a hint of the sourness.

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