22 May 2015

the fried side

I'm lucky that my north facing window gets a glimpse of sunlight right around sunset time. Unfortunately I've been unable to take a good photo as it washes a corner of my room a golden tone.
 So here's the next best thing: my basil soaking up that light

Yeah...it's probably not going to survive much longer. So gotta eat it quick haha.

It's been a week since I got here, and I'm slowly acclimatizing. Here are some initial impressions:
  • Much bigger trees lining all the major roads. Not sure if this is because of the city being older, the climate being warmer, or better policy, but woah I really, truly appreciate the shade & aesthetic improvement. 
  • It's also windy here, yes even compared to Toronto. This also helps to offset the heat, which is only going to get worse from now on. 
  • Pedestrian traffic signal is also just a mere suggestion here.
  • Not enjoying the dominance of cars, it really is impossible to get to most places without driving. The frequency and reach of Atlanta's public transit is even worse than Toronto's, especially the subway. Luckily my commute is serviced by 2 lines, so together there's a train roughly every 5 minutes. 
  • I learned how to use to espresso machine at work, aka I can now be alert throughout my mornings. Though I'm sure the workload will pick up enough that I won't have time to feel sleepy. 
  • All of my non-work related conversations with my coworkers are about food, but that's about the only common interest I've yet been able to find since the other predominate topic is sports. At least my stomach is in good hands :) Kidding I like my team haha.
  • Steaming is now my favourite way to cook dinner, so easy to clean since no oil and the food doesn't even touch the pot. Drizzle some evoo and crack some pepper and we're good to go.
  • Unfortunately, my building is super old and I've frequently seen cockroaches in my unit. It was not pleasant at first, in fact I had a dream involving life size cockroaches. But now I don't really bat an eye and just squash them. 
  • Edit: haagen daz ice creams are regular price for $3.98 !!! This is wonderful yet terrible news at the same time. 
Looking forward to the long weekend, sleeeeeeep. 

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