25 May 2015


Today is a beautiful weekend day.

Tea is good.
The first infusion was like dew.

Socks are cozy.
For some reason, I'm wearing wool socks, long pants, and a hoodie. Am I even in the south?

Books are stacked up.
Finished Metamorphosis, which I didn't get.  My edition even has explanations of the text and critical essays, but they were difficult to read. The translation notes were insightful though, especially the explanation about "ungeheueres ungeziefer" (monstrous vermin) which the original German had the connotation of "without a part in a family".
Also finished A Primer on Sustainable Buildings, which is fantastic. It is comprehensive and pretty relevant for something published in 1999. It's also not very technical, I'd definitely refer my parents to this once they are considering major renovations.

PS. Bonnouji is the manga to read if you are ever in need of a large dose of heart-warming (aka after Katanagatari).

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