24 May 2015

3w et al

So far I haven't felt that the magical civ fairy has visited me and delivered sudden understanding. But marks are finally out:
  • Reinforced Concrete: 92 (better than expected, considering my disastrous midterm)
  • Geotech II: 95 (I see why taking the geotech option for PE is advised)
  • Transport II: 90 (woah I derped on the final)
  • Municipal: 91 (could've been better if I wasn't stupid on the quizzes)
  • Sustainable Energy: 94
  • Eng Math II: 89 (ugh, could've had all A+ if not for this)
A little sad to see my average drop, but that's really to be expected.

OH WELLS, school is over so I now have time to read leisurely again!

Making good progress on Murakami and other books that's been on my reading list for years. But really I should be reading thesis ;_; but ugh in a mood for fiction.

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