29 April 2015


I'm overwhelmed by how much clothing I potentially need to buy...and the relative small percentage of my current wardrobe that I wear on a regular basis. I did keep track of my daily outfits throughout the winter as I said I would, which proves the 80/20 rule that I wear ~20% of my clothes 80% of the time. Editing down my closet is still very much a work in progress.

Another minor step is an effort to define a general colour and texture scheme:

I pulled these from my pintrest, so they're not entirely representative of reality. There's 3 categories:
always & forever, warm weather, and cold weather.

White, grey, black are obviously always & forever. I'd totally be okay with white silk top + grey knit cardigan + black jeans all day every day. Plus a

Warm weather gets some blush & lilac in soft and airy fabrics suck as silk and linen, chambray, saturated blues, striped tops, and khaki bottoms. Plus wide brimmed straw hats, and this lipstick.

Cold weather gets tons of wools, tweeds, and knits, paired with navy, forest green, and other earthy colours. Burgundy manages to sneak into clothing items, but mainly as a lip colour. Scarves and socks are a wildcard for colours and patterns.


Next to tackle are proportions?

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