18 April 2015

temporal crossroads

2 finals and almost 1 play-through of Xillia are done.


The exams went alright, but I have no idea how I'm missing 100+ loot bags in Xillia when I've been to every map and has gotten all the treasure chests on each map. It's so time consuming revisiting every location, but at least I'm progressing on other titles along the way. I enjoy how there's achievements related to the mastery of each character's play style, otherwise I'd never have directly controlled anyone other than Jude or Milla.

The final boss fight felt very anti-climatic, especially since you don't gain any exp from it. Plot-wise, both parties were so reluctant to fight each other. It would be better if Maxwell was the final boss and Gaius/Muzet's fight is placed where Maxwell's fight was, heck they should even join the party for the fight against Maxwell. This could be incorporated into the story easily too.
Gaius and Muzet's relationship also mirrors Milla and Jude's, I'm tempted to play Xillia 2 just to see how the dynamics between these 4 will change (and also to see more of Alvin but I don't like his updated character design). Speaking of chracters:

*u* This image captures each character so perfectly haha, especially in their expressions. Gaius and Wingul looks so unamused, as they always do in the cutscenes (aside from the times they look angry). Ivar and Rowen's are also dead on. Plus they're all in formal wear, what more can I ask for?

Ans: The chimeriads (minus Jiao, plus Gaius) in vaguely school uniform-like outfits.
Sigh there should be a sidestory about them. They all deserve happy endings ;_;

This post is really just an excuse to post pretty fanart of Xillia that I spent too much time looking up cause the feels. There's still Milla's play through, so expect more pretty fanart.

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