12 April 2015


I'm currently experiencing a great magnitude of desperation because season 3, chapter 43 of Cheese in the Trap is not unofficially out yet. I've tried various strategies to cope with this, such as
  1. refreshing the scanlator's webpage every hour, or slightly better, after every section of notes that I review. 
  2. re-reading the officially released chapters, which has been really helpful in reminding myself of the plot. But alas the official release is only up to 43 of the first season "orz 
  3. reading ahead the Korean raws. Although I don't understand a word of the conversation, the artist does such a good job with the character's expression that I can mostly figure out what's going on. Now in addition to looking forward to sundays (official release), mondays (unofficial release, but they're not on a regular schedule), there's wednesdays for the raw release! 
The last frontier would be to go through forums where there's chapter summaries that are up to date with the raws. I'm really trying hard to resist. Otherwise I've been distracting myself with movies (and studying too, yeah).

1. Parent Trap

The poker scene is really awesome, the camp scenes in general are pretty awesome just because of the sass. The movie also confirms that I need a butler in my life.

2. Whiplash & 3. The Grand Budapest Hotel (thanks Alex for the recs)

The trailer is a little misleading, there's far less romance in the actual movie.

These 2 movies both have very stylistic cinematography (is that the right term? art direction?). Whiplash being dark, grimy, and a little too heavy on the HDR; whereas The Grand Budapest Hotel has very saturated colours and evokes 2D in both in the actual 2D scenes and regular scenes. Both movies also feature a very strong (or oppressive, depending on whether you like them or not) mentor character.

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