05 April 2015


Long time no see, was down with a bad cold for most of last week. It was a needed break from school though, to catch up on sleep and destress by reading a lot of manga.

1. Cheese in the Trap
aka my favourite webtoon, sorry Tower of God.
It's hard to say anything about this because it'll inevitably be a spoiler. The plot is so intricate that it makes the beginning chapters difficult to follow, but it's worth reading through. Both Seol and Jung will surpass your expectations.
Sarah if you see this, I highhhhhly recommend you to read this. 

2. Magi (and its sidestory about Sinbad)
Imagine One Piece and Negima mixed together and it's sort of the plot and setting of Magi. I'm usually reluctant to read Shonens, but this one has a good cast of characters. I like Sinbad's sidestory more, since it focuses more on going-on-an-adventure (One Piece) rather than the main story which focues more on we-have-to-save-the-world-against-evil (Negima). I like how the series spends time building up the main characters (both pro- and antagonists) and showing their backstory and motivations. If you do read this, I highly suggest also reading Sinbad's sidestory since it is a direct prequel and contains lots of relevant information. Plus Sinbad's currently the most suspicious characters

3. Ruler of the Land
This is a classical 武侠 story and it brings so much nostalgia. It's slightly similar to the Chinese story where the main character is a genius at learning martial arts but also only wanted to learn escaping techniques. In fact I clearly remember a scene where he gets into some minor trouble and was thrown into a local jail cell. In the cell, he was reading a legendary skillbook and learning the footwork movements. This story has all the 武侠 archetypes and plot devices, from the different clans to the legendary weapons, masters of different fractions all teaching their secret skills to the main characters, tragedy, romance, bloodshed etc etc.


Sarah said...

LOL I see it <3 but I don't read manga ever! might make an exception for your recommendation ;D

Weijie said...

Trust you'll love this one.