27 March 2015

dodge & burn

I survived midterms season! No more midterms for a year!
I'm fairly confident that these are amongst the happiest of words that can come out of a UofT student's mouth.

Here's 2 random photos in celebration.

 A bokeh to celebrate that I finally figured out how manual focusing works on my camera.

A really post-processed image to show that yes, some office buildings do in fact use air conditioning in winter. Hurray for more affirmation that building science is the right field for me.

I'm happy to spend some quality time playing in photoshop, which I haven't done so in such a long time. After so many years, I've developed a routine photo touch-up process that I don't deviate much from. It's refreshing to devote an hour or so and just play around. My goal was to achieve high contrast in the smoke, which was really over-exposed in the original image. It took a lot of adjustment layers and masking to get it right haha, though the same effect could probably be achieved with a lot less layers if I use the burn and dodge tool more effectively.

tl;dr - midterms done, free time exists again.

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