05 March 2015


Been meaning to eat at Taste of Yunnan for almost half a year, just because it's only place I've seen that sells 过桥米线 (lit. crossing bridge rice noodles). It's a regional specialty dish of Yun Nan, but also very popular back in Cheng Du.

 Mom's order of 小锅米线 (lit. small pot rice noodles), which was good but I like One Hour's favouring better (more sour). Also got an appetizer of sweet potato 馍馍, which doesn't quite have an English translation. It's like the texture of a starchy 饼, which is like a thick slightly leavened bread.

Asian pastries need their own comprehensive dictionary.

This was also my mom's order, a steamed chicken side dish. It comes in an adorable clay vessel, but is kind of bland.

Finally, star of the meal:

It's a mini hotpot experience, the broth comes piping hot and you add in all the other stuff around it (minus the tea, which is pu-er. goes to show the authenticity of the restaurant), starting with the egg and ending with the noodles.The flavours and textures are quite good, but sadly can't compare to what I had back in China. But for those who haven't, you won't be disappointed by this. I'd be happy to eat this anytime.

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