09 February 2015


I'm puzzled by Tao Tea Leaf's Rou Gui.

The first time I had it, I used a low leaf to water ratio (half filled pot) and it tasted like everything but a yancha. It had a pronounced sweetness, and even a little fruity. The next time I had it, I used a higher ratio (filled pot) and it tasted exactly like a yancha does, quite mineral-y. Not sure if the first time is a fluke, or the leaf to water ratio makes that big of a difference (of course the steeping time also changes with the ratio to compensate).

In other news, sprucewood shortbread cookies are the most amazing shortbread cookies ever. The dark chocolate flavour taste like good dark chocolate, but with the nice texture of a shortbread cookie.

It goes well with some Yunnan black tea (free sample from my Tao's order).

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