16 February 2015


Day 2 of New York, felt even colder than yesterday despite being warmer in actuality.

Met up with Patricia & Peter at Carnegie Deli for a very filling brunch. I was so nervous that we'd miss each other since I was late by ~20 minutes, but it turned out that they were also late by the same amount of time. Since the deli is rather famous, we waited outside for 20 more minutes, which felt like eternity when you can't feel your toes.

But all's good with food like this:
Corned beef sandwich and matzoh ball soup. Plus a slice of shared cheesecake. 

Its always really nice catching up with old friends that you don't see often. Warm fuzzies.

Next was a disappointing trip to Uniqlo, because they sold out of heattech leggings. Please understand what a tragedy this is. At least it allowed me to spend more time at MoMA.

In retrospect, it was not such a good idea to head to MoMA on a holiday. It was quite crowded, which is not a good environment to appreciate art.

But luckily the museum has good views to the outside, which is a refreshing break from the pieces inside.

Onto the exhibits.

Uneven growth:

I credit this exhibit as the reason why I took this trip in the first place. I was quite on the fence about going to New York again as:
  • my previous bed&breakfast (which I absolutely loved) no longer offers bunk beds
  • tickets weren't as cheap as last year
  • Grace ditched me!
But on the other hand there was Ippodo & Kajitsu (stay tuned) and all the other wonderful places I didn't visit last time, including MoMA. So when I found out that they had an exhibit on urban growth, which I really care about, the train of thought essentially went: yolo.

I'm still not very sure how much this relates to modern art, but the exhibit it very nicely set up with various media. It could have been informative, but that's from me looking at it from a technical perspective (aka not sure how feasible all those solar panels are).

Moving onto more artsy art:

Two pieces that I liked from the traditional media side of modern art. The piece on the left really reminds me of Tekkon Kintreet.

There was also the famous Campbell soups:

and then I found out that MoMA has impressionist paintings,
 Starry Night / The Olive Trees

including my favourite artist Van Gogh, probably because I adore his brushstrokes.

There was also Monet, including his giant Water Lilies, but I like his Agapanthus more:

The brushstrokes, especially the strokes with vivid colours.

I also like:

Aside from paintings:

Not sure what the piece in the left photo is, but I really like how the lighting was set up. The piece on the right is the 4D Kinematic Dress, but I also really like the lighting set up.

Overall an enjoyable visit.

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