15 February 2015


First day venturing outside in New York, and it happens to be the coldest day. -20 with windchill, why did I even bother to leave Toronto? Coincidentally I planned a mostly outdoors itinerary for today, so gotta suck it up and brace the cold.

First stop is Wall Street, full of beautiful neoclassic buildings. In fact all 3 orders of Greek columns were present in that intersection. Why don't Toronto have more of these?

New York Stock Exchange

 And then a couple blocks away, buildings change into these:

One more block down is the 9/11 memorial:

The memorial is a beautiful and effective use of negative space. It was especially powerful with the water glistening underneath the sunlight, and with 30km/hr wind blowing.

And again the buildings shift shapes as I went farther uptown into SoHo and Chinatown.

After paying my dues at MUJI (and buying a New York branded tote bag), it's time to eat. I actually had graaaaand plans, but unfortunately I've entered a not-hungry phase. This has happened before and the severity of it can be described as I had a cup of hot water and 3 chocolate pretzels at 9 and was not hungry at 1 after walking in the brutal cold. So my grand plans reduced down to these:

 Tea at Harney & Sons / falafel sampler at Taim / Prince St Pizza (the square is larger than it looks)

But the highlight of the day was having a tea tasting at T Shop:

This is my first time having a "aged" (8 year old heavily roasted oolong, the cup with redder liquor) tea, and it tasted very similar to pu-er. I guess thats because both are aged teas haha. The best description I've came up for this tea is to imagine descending down into a wooded area from its canopy. The first tea, a lightly roasted cui feng oolong, was very fruity. But today's weather really matched the heavier roast.

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