24 January 2015


A couple of dishes that I've cooked over the past week(s).

回锅肉 again. It's probably the most common pork dish that I cook, for the singular reason that you cut the meat after its been cooked. This eliminates having to wash a separate set of knife and chopping board.
The meat falls apart quite easily when I thinly slice, which results in nice charred bits that I very much like.

Loosely Taiwanese stir-fried cabbage. This dish isn't an entire success since it's having a bit of an identity crisis. I started off following a Taiwanese recipe, but substituted too many ingredients, such as my extremely spicy pickled pepper. The pepper over powered the shiitake mushrooms :(

In efforts of using up more of my pickles, I made sour fish with a meat to seasoning ratio more in line with 辣子鸡. For those unfamiliar, the proper format of that dish is that you must dig through the pile of peppers to find any chicken pieces.
(also finally used up that pack of frozen fish fillets from waaay back.)

Poached pear with spices (cardamon, cloves, cinnamon. Almost a chai). This was an attempt to rescue some not so great tasteless pears, which didn't work. I do like this particular flavour combination, so will redo with proper pears.

Red cabbage with gochujang (Korean pepper paste), a new staple, and cabbage with sausage.
Both are simple, both are delicious.

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