01 January 2015

2015 resolutions

Let the theme of 2015 be maintenance, aka taking care of myself and everything I already have.

The biggest is exercise. I've never liked it (including sports) so hence never did much of it.
Baby steps:
  1. For the months of January and February: 2 hour of DDR per week. This looks laughably easy written out, but we'll see ahahahaa. 
Also to get up and stretch during long periods of sitting down. This is much easier accomplished by not having a thermos as to force myself to get up and boil water every time I run out of tea. Might as well do some stretches as the water boils.
My method is to link everything I hate doing to something I enjoy and is already a habit

Next up is to clean the kitchen area everyday, which mean wiping the counters, floor, and table after dinner everyday. This also looks laughably easy but never underestimate laziness or rationalization.
Will couple this with showering right afterwards so a) I have enough buffer time between the various pH dependent products that I apply, b) I'm more awake to do work afterwards, and c) will hopefully sleep earlier.

Keep in touch with friends more (especially ones that I don't see). I can't think of any effective strategies for this, use snapchat more? Will try to meet up with at least one friend that I don't regularly see a month. Also talk to parents more, call at least once a week.

Smaller goals:
  • Work through Washoku and be able to cook some Japanese dishes.
  • Draw & photograph more.
  • Read throughout the year instead of just binging during the holidays. Will try to leave half an hour to read every night before sleeping.
  • Make my wok non-stick! It's getting there *u*
  • 100% xillia, this shouldn't be very hard.
  • Explore more of Toronto.

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