26 December 2014


In the spirit of boxing day, I've been thinking more of the clothes I wear in attempt of formulating a cohesive "wardrobe philosophy".

But first, other bloggers who have thought & wrote a lot more of this matter that I particularly admire: The Nife En L'air (I adore her entire blog) and Sloane Conde (and her archive at Je Vis Je Meurs)

The couple words that currently describe the direction that I want my wardrobe to head in is "luxuriously simple". Plain cashmere sweaters are a good example of what I mean. In worse terms, its like boring looking clothes that probably cost a lot. But obviously not every item has to fit into this description (this was actually the source of a lot of pain until I realized cohesive =/= without exceptions), such as today I just bought a jacquard leopard print skirt.

The motivation for having simple pieces is really just to avoid the "there's a million pieces in my closet but somehow I still feel I have nothing to wear" syndrome. By simple, I mean the following criterias:
  • Mostly neutral colours (which to me, encompasses black/grey/white, navy, browns/caramels) to facilitate greater compatibility between each item.
  • Items that align with my current lifestyle so I don't have unwearable pieces.
And the luxurious descriptor is to elevate simple beyond boring. By luxurious I mean:
  • Quality material, which most of the time means natural (eg. silks and wools) but some higher end pieces use synthetics beautifully. 
  • Evident that attention has been paid to the details (eg. neat stitching, buttons)
The combination of the two above usually equate a high price tag. I'm also a sucker for handcrafted / heritage / ethically sourced stuff, but have not yet been putting my money where my heart is (is Everlane a good start?). 

Some next steps:
  • Gather data of how frequent I wear each item to better allocate money for upgrades. Did a preliminary list of what I frequently wear in the winter, which was a lot more sweater and a lot less of other tops. Also mostly pants, which I plan to change to more skirts & dressed focused. 
  • Get better at maintenance, especially regarding shoes. 

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Unknown said...

Read a tip on Quora about hanging all your clothes inside-out and returning it to normal once you've worn it. Inspect closet in a month and you'll see trends of what you wear.