12 September 2014

Everlane Cardcase

After slimming down my wallet and replacing it with a binder clip, I decided to finally buy a cardcase. Initially I was thinking of buying this one on Etsy, but decided against it because the Chromexcel will likely be too thick for what I'd like in a wallet (a bag or boots is a different story).

So in the end I went with the trusty Everlane.

(hey guys I learned how to correctly set white balance!)

The leather is good enough in my novice judgement, but importantly it doesn't add too much thickness to the cardcase. I do like the contrast in surface texture (pebbled vs. smooth), and the slant detail. It's also roomier than it looks, fitting 4.5 (one half size) cards plus folded bills. It's also not overly tight, making it easy to slide things in-and-out, but things won't fall out either.

Overall a nice, solid cardcase. Would recommend to anyone looking for a wallet with minimal footprint without being spartan.

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