08 July 2014

spring/summer 14 revisited

I am so done with shopping for a long while. No buying clothing/tea/stationary/video games/whatever other hobby items until the holidays. Luckily I received some really awesome tea (TGY and 2014 longjing) so hopefully no temptation there for a while. FFXV also won't be out for a while, so good on the video game front too.

Clothing wise, update from previous list:
  • Trina sandal: yes, so much yes. Comfortable enough to walk a full day in, good looking, and versatile to go with every outfit. A minor problem is how the soles seems to wear quickly.
  • Pleated skirt: bought on taobao, not too happy about it. My fault for choosing a light colour, so its pretty sheer. The construction is good for taobao standards, so I'll try to make it work by wearing something underneath. Would still like another one though (a la my various pins), but that can wait.
  • Short zipped jacket: still so sad that the only from Aritzia that I finally decided on got discontinued. So the hunt continues. Did end up buying a black blazer (which was an item that I needed although it wasn't on my list), so also can wait.
  • Opaque white tank: bought a grey one, good enough.
What I actually bought in addition to above:
  • Black dress pants: needed, also fits me really well (did spend an hour in the fitting room) so yay.
  • Linen tee: also so much yes. Loft's scoop neck linen tee is my favourite tee atm. Perfect slouch, neckline, fabric feel. It's a little expensive, otherwise I would buy multiples of it.
  • Rain jacket: overkill but it was on clearance, rain at survey camp: bring it.
I'd say I did a pretty good job of sticking to plan :D 

Also no more make-up/skincare (minus one iherb order). Masks sare restocked and I have back ups of everything, so should be good until the end of the year!

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Gilly said...

Done with shopping for a while? You tell yourself that =p