12 July 2014


Its good, and expensive. A good candidate for Summerlicious (y).

I apologize for crappy iphone photos, but I don't think I'm at the level where I'll bring a proper camera to a meal yet.

Salmon sashimi, the best course of the night. Friend's beef tongue was delicious as well, so intensely flavourful.

Sea bass with daikon and radishes. The fish is cooked well: crispy skin and soft flesh. The picked daikon is actually my favourite part, complements the fish and isn't too sour to eat alone. The radish top powder is my first experience with molecular gastronomy. It didn't taste like anything, but makes for a pretty garnish.

Sides of a bread / tomato / basil salad and fries. Both were very good, fries were fried perfectly: crispy outside, soft inside.

Strawberry panna cotta for dessert. Underwhelming, but everything did taste very much strawberry like, even more so than actual strawberries.

I really like the exposed bulb pendant light (wish I can have it in my home). Interestingly, the wood that is on display is actually used in the kitchen for bbq and smoking. The decor seems a little all over the place though, there's both modern and rustic elements that don't form a cohesive look.

Overall, Splendido's dishes are flavoured well (quality and quantity wise) and presented prettily. Service is not as legendary as I've read on the internet, but I have no complaints. My waiter was knowledgeable about the dishes and gave good recommendations. They do charge $7 for a bottle of water for the table, which is outrageous in my opinion, especially since we weren't informed of the cost. I ended up justifying the cost as additional tip, which they do deserve.

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