19 July 2014


I really can't wait to move so I can invite friends over and drink tea.

Today I realized explicitly why I love Tie Guan Yin so much. It's the smell of the wet leaves (especially after the second pour, so intense). To the best of my ability, I'd describe it as floral? Wish my whole house smelled like this ;_;

Since I'm too lazy to bust out my yixing pot before moving, I'm getting better at pouring with DavidTea's perfect mug and strainer. It's a 2 step process, first pour the bulk of the infusion out quickly so it doesn't drip off the side of the mug, then remove the strainer and carefully pour the rest out slowly (so the leaves remain at the bottom). Was also very happy to pour in the boiled water into my mug correctly, it's really hard to get it swirling without a long sprout on the kettle.

So yeah come drink tea with me please.

PS. CCTV has a documentary on tea, you should watch. The video below is also good.

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Gilly said...

if your whole home smelled like tie guan yin it might smell like a grandparent's home!