22 June 2014


New house, new game~

Weekend spent equally on plowing the garden of mom's new house and getting started in Xillia. First "tales of" game.
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The tales of xillia tag on dandooru makes me ship Jude x Milla, tempted to read plot spoilers now @_@" This is not good since I plan on milking as much time out of the game as possible and playing through both characters. Picked Jude as my first play-through, and in the interest of time, trying to resist the urge to explore every field map and opening every treasure chest. It's so hard.

Combat system is pretty fun, linking is a good mechanism. It's unfortunate that my controller's circle button is half broken, which makes proc-ing artes extremely difficult. Came super close to dying during both boss fights because of this.

Graphics is not as HD as FFXIII, but the settings are still beautiful. The starting area's design is especially stunning. Character design is good as well, though I find Millas outfit slightly questionable. Additionally, the optional dialogs are funny and is a good way to introduce some more back story.

Sad that I won't be able to continue playing until I move, but Vancouver is next week and I'm so excited for that.

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