02 May 2014


Here's all the backlogged food photos:

 CW from TL:
  • Babeyaki udon from Tokyo Grill. They have the best Japanese curry ever, also their udon has the best chewy texture.
  • Chef-made tofu and sichuan dumplings. Both has been featured previously, they're all I eat when I go there.
  • Ham and brie quiche and beet salad from Snakes and Latte, the dinner menu there is surprisingly good. The salad is delicious.
  • Chicken parm with asparagus risotto from College Q. It was one of their specials, so worth it. The place is a little pricy for everyday eating, but the food is really worth it.
Marketing transition dinner with YN at Teppan Kenta: dashimaki (must get!), okonomiyaki, and salmon natto. 

This is my preferred izakaya, even over Guu, which is too crowded and loud. This place has similar ambiance, food is delicious and well priced, and service is friendly. Downside is that it's super hard to find.

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