09 May 2014


The Ogura is a machine that bends rebars. I don't like the machine, and I'm fairly confident that the machine doesn't like anyone using it either. It will bend the same rebar set at the same angle widely different amount at times. It makes forming stir-ups difficult :(

That is my rant for the first week of work.

Otherwise it's really tiring, but in a satisfying way. Currently doing lab work, which also translations into manual labour. All the test specimen requires building, which requires formwork and rebars to be built. Rebars are heavy. But on the positive note, it's like getting paid to work out.

Learning quite a bit from doing lab work. Namely the importance of tolerances and how everything we've done in coursework is so so far away from reality. Fixed ends aren't really fixed. Sigfigs become super important as you're lucky to get it within 10mm of the dimension. And no one will actually construct it like your drawing.

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