15 April 2014

prized stone

E3 coincides with exam time during highschool, and even though uni exam times are two month ahead, I still manage to find out about new game releases (&manga) when I'm suppose to be studying.
Work hard, play hard?

Anyways, looking forward to the release of:

1. Citybound: for the new SimCity that I never got to play. This is one ambitious guy trying to make a city simulation game from scratch. It's wonderful that he does weekly updates.

2. Transistor is out next month!!! (though later for Mac ver). I think by now everyone knows how I much I love Bastion.

3. Dragon Fin Soup: preordered & have high hopes for this one, especially since their Kickstarter stretch goal unlocked a fluffy sheep as pet. Interesting character, setting, and game mechanics (duel wield is always good). Gameplay:

It's good when indie games have Mac versions (y)

In other news, thinking of picking up Tales of Xilia for the summer too, but unsure if I'm going to have enough time. Lots of things planned, should do a round up post about it soon. As of now, Brave Frontier's new patch just implemented a whole lot of new content. You should play :D it's a good aside game that provides the right amount of distraction.

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