28 March 2014

reliable meals

Been meaning to make a roundup of stuff I cook when I'm short on time since a lot of friends seem shocked when I say I cook most meals. The definition of meals has loosened up a lot in second semester, but at least the cooking is still happening. 

In the first place of reliable meals is miso noodle soup. It's basically instant noodle but healthy. The procedure goes:
  1. Boil water, this is the critical path. Add egg in at the start. Water's boiled once you hear the egg clinker on the pot's bottom).
  2. Wash veggies (usually spinach).
  3. Chop up add-ins, usually ginger, veggies, tofu, ham if feeling extra fancy.
  4. By the time chopping is done, water's probably boiled. Spoon some out to mix with miso, add in everything. Thin noodles cook in < 5min, so its the optimal choice. If there's extra time, I'd sear the tofu and ham. 
An honorable mention goes to vinegar veggies (the non-winter equivalent of roasted veggies) for being the most versatile thing to have in the fridge. It's a mix of onion, egg, some sort of squash or eggplant, and some sort of leafy veggie. Stir fried and finished with a drizzle of vinegar. Fastest way to eat this is with toasted bread slices. Also good to top noodles, and used to make fried rice. 

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