02 February 2014


Once again I must state how wonderful potatoes, actually many vegetables such as lotus root and cabbage, taste with a shot of vinegar at the end of stir frying. Now that it's out of the way, here's some food pics that's been stockpiling on my desktop.

Flat bread and roast meat. Danny kept saying how good this particular dinner was, if this is not an accomplishment I don't know what is.

Beet juice is relentless invader, staining everything red in it's way. In the last photo you see that the other veggies are different colour, but they were all bright red at lunch time after the container's been tossing in my bag. Beware I say.

 Tried a new way of making mapo tofu. Instead of braising it, very shallowly fried it with the aromatics and spices. T'was good, but probably because the combinations of mapo tofu taste good regardless.


This was one of the moments when I look at a particular scene and the first thought was how wonderful the colour palette looks. Another time was when I was reading in my bed at home, and the combination of the beige page, dark brown cover, and baby blue blanket looked so nice.
Also Loblaws has the sweetest mango (y).

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