20 February 2014


Quick roundup of trip before I dive head first into midterm prep.

3B Bed&Breakfast is awesome. Highly recommended to stay there, will definitely go back.

How the common area looks.
3B is great because it is:
  • cheap
  • conveniently located (plently of subway options to get into Manhattan)
  • staff is friendly & helpful
  • decor is whimsy, has warm blankets, and the main bathroom is really nice
  • best breakfast ever, just to reiterate:

Overall the trip was great. Was it a good time to go during reading week? tis okay, you trade cheaper prices & less crowds for crappier weather and a whole bunch of midterms waiting when you get back. Couple of observations about the City as a whole:
  • Traffic signals are a mere suggestion to pedestrians, for the entire 5 days, I've never seen a single occasion when everyone obeyed the signal.
  • Doesn't look too different from Toronto, doesn't feel too different either. Better shops though (y)
  • The subway system is completely manageable, then again I've never found any to be confusing, they all have perfectly clear signage. Though some trains (especially the F) took forever to come.
  • Every man wears a peacoat. 
  • People were generally pretty friendly, especially when you are staring intensely at the subway map. The only non-friendly people were some sales assistants (most were really nice & helpful) and other tourists. 
  • Numeric street names that ascend in order makes it really easy to navigate.
and a random subway stop:

It was actually nice to not bring an actual camera as I spent less time taking photos and more time actually looking at sights & interacting.

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