03 November 2013


I am glad to report that I have made several lifestyle changes for the better. This is surprising to me since the stereotype seem to be that when you live along (or with friends), all healthy habits goes to hell. But alas, I'm managed to:
  • stop being a night-owl and wake up at ~9 on weekends. Weekend mornings are a blissful time my friends. 
  • hate cleaning less. There's still progress to be made on this front. 
My sleeping schedule is pretty consist throughout the entire week too, I'm generally able to asleep by 1 on weekdays! It's really nice to not feel sleepy at night and in the mornings, though certain lecture rooms still just put me to sleep.

Also stopped waking up at the latest possible time in the mornings. Gone is the pressure to rush through breakfast, instead I can actually make something nice and leisurely decide on what to wear. Aka no more grumpy mornings! I do get less sleep, so trying to make that up by sleeping earlier, which is hard to do since roommates are all night-owls. It's like there's a 3 hour timezone difference between us durr.

Related to having a more leisurely pace, I've also been trying to limit the amount of studying hours per day and leaving some time to do whatever. The whatever usually ends up being browsing some corner of the internet (likely to be reddit), but that's perfectly fine. I'm tempted to call this "wasted time" since it's not "productive", but it's not wasted since it makes me less stressed and happier. It's weird, and sad, that I need to schedule in free time, whereas it should be mostly free time with scheduled in work.

On the other hand, improvements in cleaning habit is motivated by fear of dirty pillowcase causing acne. I doubt the validity of this fear, but can't hurt to clean beddings more often. I've also learned to appreciate a shiny countertop, it's just so...shiny! Progress can still be made on wiping floors and dusting though.

Overall, I'm challenging myself to take better care of my possessions/living environment. This is a prerequisite that I've set before I'll allow myself to buy nice things. Nice things such as:
sources: throw / blanket / vase / mug / jars

A sidenote, I'd move to Brooklyn just cause they have the coolest boutiques. And yes online window shopping is a superb stress reliever for constant studying.

Really can't wait until I have my own place *u*

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Unknown said...

+1 for healthy sleep habits :)
I can't wait to visit you in Brooklyn :P Let's fight harder to get to that future we so desire!!!