13 October 2013

Winter 13 wardrode planning

What do I do when there's finally free time? Play Ni no Kuni for 5 hours (can't marathon games anymore, I hear the bgm even when the game's turned off...) and commence window shopping online (y)

So continuing my search for a new tote and wallet...maybe I should just stick with what I currently have for a while longer. Though the Teranishi one I wanted is gone, so probably going to get this one (eventually).

Also continuing is the dilemma of what to do with shoes. In need of replacement within hopefully next year are oxford and flat walking boots. So far all I have are rather expensive options @_@
The bottom two are pure splurges, if I ever get a bonus from PEY kind of splurge. Realized that I should just get cheap loafers since I half wear them around as slippers anyways. The Grenson derby boots are just swooooon. The broguing detail *u*
(most of them also require a trip to the US to get "orz)
Might get a pair of desert boots as a tie-in before jumping into $400 shoes territory.

But in terms of actual winter items, I'm pretty much set. All good for boots, scarfs, and most importantly coats. Really want to wear my wool wrap coat to class, but it's inevitably going to get super dirty draped on the back of chairs. Darn dry clean only items @_@

To buy (mostly carried over from Fall):
  • Everlane Ryan tee, really hoping for some kind of Christmas promotion.
  • Thick cotton striped tee 3/4 sleeve. 
  • Black loafers, now a cheap pair.
  • Awesome thick wool socks for boots.
  • An actual set of suit items. Blazer, skirt, pants, all matching. Thinking of BR or Club Monaco during boxing day sale.

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