31 October 2013

sunflower seeds

Monthly chinatown grocery trips are enough exercising for that month.
Though today's a special case where I had to walk down from Bloor e_e"

Disadvantage of living downtown is the inadequate grocery stores. Sobey's and Metro has like 3 aisles of produce... half of which is expensive organic produce which I would really like to buy but a poor student's budget restricts me (ditto for farmer markets, but they're also always during class times). Amy and I have long fb rants about grocery stores, aka first time cooking for self problems.

I miss the times when I had daikons, potatoes, a variety of leafy vegetables (aka not just bok choy), leeks, etc. Roommate don't particularly like vegetables. Actually, we have pretty different diets (aka me with my weird food preferences, like specialty bread, full fat yogurt, fancy honey and jam, etc etc...), which adds to the complication of living together.

Mm want buttery croissants.

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