07 September 2013


All done fieldbook! The quality of work is debatable, but done is done (y). Man it's the first assignment and my attitude is already like this, will never get PEY at Arup at this rate gg.

But today is mostly a chill day, Dave took me out on birthday date. Watched The Mortal Instruments (Godfrey Gao as the warlock! hooooot) & dinner at Don Don Izakaya (impressive sake menu).

I feel like this is the equivalent of Hunger Games but supernatural, and maybe hotter guys. But then again I never watched Hunger Games so what do I know. I also think it would have been a much better plot if Valentine happened to be the good guy in the end. But then again I haven't read the books so maybe that is what happens (I hope). If only this was a Kaori Yuki manga (the sibling love is cutting a close).

Dinner :D

Izakayas are like Japanese dim sum, but more expensive and is usually eaten for dinner.
Clockwise, honey plum shochu cocktail, seafood fried noodles, agedashi tofu (the sauce is good!), tako wasabi (really strong wasabi taste, would have been good with steamed rice), hokke with garlic butter (delicious!) and chirashi (my cheap way of eating sashimi).

Good day with the boyfriend, but then again so is pretty much everyday with him. I promise this is the cheesiest thing you'll see in a while.


Dinner from previous times

Left is cold noodles made long ago (the toppings make a difference!) and right is pad thai from Papaya at chestnut reunion. They have good portion sizes for how much you pay, I got two meals from that, and tasty too :)

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