24 July 2013


So far in love with the University of Exeter campus.

Specifically,  in love with the view from my residence. Today I just saw horses grazing on the fields to the right.

This, of course, comes with a price. The amazing view is a gift from the topology, which unfortunately means that the rest of campus (and everything else) is at the foot of the hill. So to get to pretty much anywhere else, it's a long walk down, followed by a very miserable descent up. During the campus tour, the guide informed us that Exeter students have good grades and good calves.
To think of this positively, I'm pretty much forced to exercise. And climbing the idyllic hill is so much better than squats.

This is my favourite place on campus, Reed Hall. It's gorgeous I know, might as well be a castle from a fairytale (though I haven't been to a proper German castle, so this will change). Apparently couples who met on campus often come back here for their wedding.
Beats my love for Hart House by a tad due to the garden surrounding it:

The tour also said this is the largest collection of botanical species (I am perhaps not technically correct here) outside of the Kews Garden in London.

Following are photos that were phone edited (via viscocam, which I forgot how much I liked) when I had too much time:
The Forum, a very costly, newly built student center. The ceiling is rather awesome.

Fresh (or so I think) berries from M&S foods (I totally did not know that they sell food). Had some of the non-abominably sized strawberries, delicious.


Something I've been trying for this trip is to take less photos and spend more time actually looking at whatever I would be taking a photo of. Being more present I guess? So far it's worked well for London, 200 snaps for 3 days. My Gritaly count is waaay above that.

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