07 May 2013


Had to attend a presentation back at university so might as well spend a little time downtown. Flowers are blooming everywhere! Such a shame that I didn't have time to visit High Park during sakura season. So envious seeing friends' photos on fb xD

Outside of Koffler.

Met up with mom afterwards for a quick lunch and some shopping. Went to Burrito Bandito, which calls itself "Toronto's best burrito".

Chicken burrito.
It does taste pretty darn good. Portion is generously sized too with no additional charge for toppings, and there's a lot of choice for the main meat filling. However, I found it bit too oily and super messy to eat.

Then, we headed to Winners to walk off the meal. Shopping list of the upcoming month is a chambray shirt, trench coat (to replace by beloved tweed coat that I forgot at Chestnut @_@), and plain black leather loafers. Did end up purchasing the chambray shirt, but found something much, much nicer:

The mirrored heels! Dying...
It's soooo gorgeous and elegant/many other adjectives of praise. Too bad it's way out of budget at $500. Let it be added to the list of luxury purchases for when I get a job xD


Gil said...

Winners sells 500$ shoes? Hahaha I thought they were supposed to be frugal

Weijie said...

I was surprised too, thought I'd be able to get the pair for like $100 lol