10 May 2013


Met up with Janice, Grace and Mimi after way too long at bubble tea yesterday. I totally miss having female friends "orz Time just flew by while we chatted and played screwed each other over in Monopoly deal. It's good to be back haha.

While on the topic of food, UofT held a TedxHartHouse conference last year with the focus on food. Can't believe I didn't know about that! Nor did I know about this year's conference, which is happening in days. Such a shame to miss the opportunity to attend.

So the next best thing is to watch the various TedTalk about food:

His storytelling is hilarious.

Jamie Oliver's very passionate talk about reforming eating habits in America. He has really effective visuals in the presentation, but walks around way too much to the point it's very distracting.

Michael Pollan on shifting the paradigm of argricultural thinking. The farm he mentions near the end is described in more detail in his book

And and I finally found more information regarding the roof-top greenhouse in UT. Their website is very pretty as well. Gonna try to make time to volunteer their next school year.

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