13 May 2013


Since I doubt I will find a job this summer, efforts are currently concentrated in scholarship applications. Gone are the easy days of admission scholarships T_T"

Anyways, I've sat for a long while staring at a blank Word document. Even when I had a few sentences down to the ever generic question of "Please lt us know what transferable skills or areas of development you feel you gained through any of your involvement" but still feeling "rawwr why are ideas not translating into words properly", I realized that these applications are a good exercise in reflection.
Not much of a revelation I know xD

(this is a bit of a sidetrack before coming back to the main topic)
At the beginning of the year, Angus complained to me saying how he felt that extracurriculars are becoming something you must do. Much like how one must go to university if they want a chance at a good job. While I do have intrinsic interest in the extracurrics that I joined, an equally powerful motivator is that it will look good on a resume.
My point is that extracurrics are something that "must" be done, so I rarely look back and analyze the experiences. What went well, how something went wrong, things that can be applied to future positions, etc.

And also having good paragraph structure, that has to count for something right?


I would very much like a source of income.

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